Cubic Zirconia (CZ): Man’s answer to diamonds

What actually is CZ?

First things first, this precious stone is not a diamond, nor is it pretending to be a diamond. Cubic Zirconia is a beautiful man-made stone which holds more similarities to diamonds than any other stone yet to be found. The production process is complex, and what’s formed is a beautiful synthetic gemstone. CZ is made through a critical process involving heating up the properties to extreme temperatures, cooling, and allowing to set.  We’ll quickly skip over the chemistry lesson because that’s probably not why you’re here, but in short Cubic Zirconia is a cubic crystalline form of Zirconium Dioxide, made in a laboratory from zirconium oxide powders with calcium and magnesium.

The CZ effect?

CZ stones can be traced back to the late 1800s, becoming popular due to its beautiful shimmer at the exposure of sunlight.  The stone holds almost the same durability to diamonds; guaranteed to keep its clarity and shine for a number of years. In essence, it is a robust, extremely durable stone with mesmerizing, shimmering properties. The stone catches light with a beautiful shine, causing a glowing effect across the entire piece of jewelry the stones are attached to.

Why you should be buying CZ

There’s a time and a place for diamonds and other precious, pricey stones. If you’re looking for investment pieces such as engagement rings, then diamonds are the preferred option. However, if you are looking for fashion jewelry, CZ is an ideal choice because you still get the WOW factor without having to pay extreme prices. At Stush Aura, our Cubic Zirconia stones are internationally manufactured, designed specifically for our products. The stones we use are grade AAAAA, which at present is the highest-grade CZ available globally.

Enjoy browsing the range.

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